The Princes of Pop: BTS

Hello and welcome to my site about BTS. If you don't know BTS by now, you have probably been living under a rock. This site is the beginner's guide to their music, who they are, their impact on the Kpop industry, economy and world, and my experience at their Speak Yourself World Tour.

Who They Are

BTS is a seven member kpop group under BigHit Entertainment. The members are RM(Kim Namjoon)*, Jin(Kim Seokjin)*, Suga(Min Yoongi), J-hope(Jung Hoseok), Jimin(Park Jimin), V(Kim Taehyung)* and Jeongkook(Jeon Jungkook). They debuted on June 13, 2013, under BigHit Entertainment. They released many albums that each brought small amounts of success until May of 2015, when they got their first Korean music-show win with, "I Need U". Since then, their popularity has skyrocketed, leading them to win awards and perform on American awards shows like the BBMAs, AMAs and even presenting on the Grammys. In 2019, BTS won best Duo/Group at the Billboard Music Awards. Furthermore, BTS has made many appearances on American reality and talk shows like America's Got Talent, Late Night with Steven Colbert and SNL.
*No relation

Position Main Solo Song Fun Fact
RM(Kim Namjoon)
[September 12, 1994]
Leader, Rapper, Composer, Producer, English Speaker Trivia: Love RM was the member that the group was formed around and he composed for other artists prior to debut. He has also spoken at the UN conference to announce BTS's Love Myself Campaign- one that focuses on ending child abuse
Jin(Kim Seokjin)
[December 4, 1992]
Vocalist, Oldest member, Visual Epiphany Jin's nickname is Worldwide Handsome and he has gone viral in Korea and America for his good looks. He will even pop up if you search up "Car Door Guy" or "Third Guy from the Left" in google. Jin also managed to go to college and get a master's degree all while taking care of the group as the designated "mother"
Suga(Min Yoongi)
[March 9, 1993]
Rapper, Composer, Producer Trivia: Seesaw Prior to debut, Suga was in an underground rap group. Suga is also very open about his mental health and can connect with millions through his meaningful lyrics.
J-hope(Jung Hoseok)
[February 18, 1994]
Dancer, Composer, Rapper, Happy Virus Trivia: Just Dance J-hope is the sunshine member of the group and has the popular catchphrase "I'm your hope, you're my hope, I'm J-hope"
Park Jimin
[October 13, 1995]
Main Dancer, Vocalist Serendipity Jimin studied hip-hop, ballet, and contemporary dance before becoming a member of BTS. His dancing has gained him notoriety in the Kpop world. He has also been working hard on studying english to communicate with his international fans.
V(Kim Taehyung)
[December 30, 1995]
Vocalist, Actor, Visual, Dancer Singularity V has starred in the drama, Hwarang and is close with the other actors. He also has a dog named Yeontan and is very big into fashion.
Jeon Jungkook
[September 1, 1997]
Main Vocal, Dancer, Sub-rapper, Youngest Member Euphoria Jungkook attended the Seoul School of Performing arts and has been racognized for his soulful voice. He also ranked #2 on the World's Most Handsome Faces of 2018