Red Velvet's RedMare Tour in the USA

Who is Red Velvet?

Red Velvet is a 5-member South Korean girl group that has been active since 2014. They originally debuted with 4 members, Irene, Seulgi, Wendy and Joy, but added in the youngest member, Yeri, 7 months after debut with the release of their first mini-album Ice Cream Cake . They are each represented in the group by a color, fruit, and weapon. These contrasting symbols go along with their alternating concepts of a fresh and fun Red side, and a mature and dark Velvet side.

An Introduction to the Members

Born on March 29, 1991, Bae Joohyun, better known by her stage name Irene, is the oldest member of the group. She is the leader of Red Velvet as well as being the Face of the Group, Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Visual and Sub-vocalist. She has taken on a few small acting roles and she has been the face of many commercials. Her color is pink, her fruit is a watermelon, and her weapon is an axe.
Born on February 10, 1994, the second Face of the Group, Kang Seulgi, also has the roles of Main Dancer and Lead Vocalist. Her powerful charisma on stage has gained her lots of attention in recent years, making her the unofficial second Face of the Group. Her unique voice has led her to feature on other artists songs as well being prominent in her own. Her color is yellow, her fruit is a pineapple, and her weapon is a knife.
Born not long after Seulgi on February 21, 1994, Son Seungwan, better known by her English name, Wendy, is the main vocalist of Red Velvet. Hailing from Vancouver, she is the English speaker in the group. This combined with her outstanding vocals has led her collaborate with many artists, including John Legend. Her color is blue, her fruit is a blue orange, and her weapon is scissors.
The tallest member of the group, born on September 3, 1996, is Park Sooyoung, better known by her stage name, Joy. Joy is a Lead Rapper and second Lead Vocalist. Like Irene, she has dabbled in acting and commercials. Her color is green, her fruit is a kiwi, and her weapon is a gun.
Born on March 5, 1999, Kim Yerim, or Yeri, is the youngest member of Red Velvet. She is a Sub-vocal and Sub-rapper, but she has gained attention for her self-written songs she posts on the group’s Instagram. Her color is purple. Her fruit is a purple grape, and her weapon is a bow and arrow.

What is the RedMare?

Red Velvet have had great success in Korea for sometime now. According to Sanatozaki, As of November 2018, Red Velvet has had 53 Music Show wins Due to BTS’s popularity, Korean groups have been gaining lots of western attention in recent years and have been able to have tours, so it is no surprise that Red Velvet is joining the ranks. Red Velvet will be the first female k-pop group to successfully tour in the US with stops in Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Chicago and Newark kicking off on February 8th. Hopefully you got your tickets, because they sold out fast.

Stay tuned for coverage of the concerts and updates on Red Velvet

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